Apparel Designer
Mechanical Engineer
Currently working at Holosuit,
Mysore, Karnataka.
As an Apparel Designer and working for motion capture suit & accessories


Client project

A new collection of designer garments were made from a big pile of old, and unused, used, torn, degraded clothes. Different elements like prints, stitching etc were added to up-cycle the product

H&M Recycling/Up-cycling of old garments

A prototype was made with the concept of using Non Newtonian Fluids in Protective Wears 

Army Soldiers
Liquid Body Armor

Non Newtonian Fluids

Client project

A competition was organised by Government of India for designing up-coming currency coins. Though the designs well qualified first round, but couldn't pass the final round.

Designing 10 Rs &
20 Rs coin for RBI


Different graphic work was done for different events like college elections, promoting a food stall, designing a sports dress that makes the wearer feel more confident because of its color code, color psychology and many more.

Furniture and other Wooden Products

Product designing and making

While watching a documentary on wine making, I found that the wine is stored in wooden barrels and this enhances it's taste. Getting inspired from this fact, I made a wine glass from rose wood using a lathe machin.

Dying and Printing


Different explorations with textiles, weaving, dying&printing, testing for composition, different seams and joineries etc

Garments and Drapes

Constructing garments and studying

Construction of garments is a wide area with different styles of construction internationally. Learning about the uniform of ancient warriors, European rulers, traditional drapes of the common man and many more


Paper and textile

An avanguard jacket was made using origami techniques. Origami is used in various places, from the cardboard of packaging material to solar panels of satellites in space.

Worked at Saxion University of Applied Science, the Netherlands as a research internship: Sustainability, Circular economy

Client project

Bio polymer, Composites, panels, optical fibers

Client project

Recycling Textile Waste

Predominantly natural fiber waste was recycled and converted into a sheet based product. Composite was made from shredded denim and by using optical fibers, in that composite, a house interior was made.

System design: Dating

Research, identifying problems and proposing solutions

Studying dating as a system. Identifying common behaviours, pattern, technological interference, religious influences etc and designing a system with removed identified problems in the existing systems. (Especially online dating)

Indian Railways: Designing loco-pilot's uniform

Research, Analysis and Designing

Client project

A live project with Indian Railways. Understanding the work environment of Loco Pilots and designing a uniform for them.

System design: Zostel

Research, identifying problems and proposing solutions

Understanding a working organization like Zostel, Understanding its functionality and existing market, different opportunities suggesting changes and improvements.

Gujarat Police

Uniform redesign for Chetak Commandos (an elite unit of Gujarat Police)

Client project

Understanding the work culture of Gujarat police, the difficulties they face, weather conditions and other parameters and uniform for different occasions and different layers on the body

Protective wear for COVID 19


When the regular protective wears are in shortage, a garment made from garbage bag seemed to be an amazing alternative


1007, Bondi 2nd stage, Mysore, Karnataka, India


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