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Liquid Body Armor

Just a concept and prototype.

Testing and results are still pending

Non- Newtonian fluid (Shear thickening fluids) are those fluids that act as a solid when under shear stress and as a fluid in normal conditions. Example- a fluid which will automatically become a solid and stops the hand from getting into it, if punched on it but will stay liquid and allow the hand to steer into it if done slowly and gently.

Based on this Idea, a shirt was made with pockets that can hold rubber tubes filled with a Shear Thickening fluid. The inner rubber tube in Bikes were used and total 9 tubes were used to protect the front of a male torso. Testing and results are yet to come.


Placement of tubes

The tubes were placed in such a manner that a horizontal strike (perfect 90 degree to ground) will have at-least 3 tubes in contact with the weapon (A wooden stick 1 meter long, 5.2 cm diameter)

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