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Poster Tuesday market_ A3_ JPEG.jpg

A new food stall has to be installed in "Tuesday Market" in Enschede, The Netherlands.

The customers were totally international, from different parts of Europe. The aim was to introduce them Indian Food which is known for hotness and the spices that go into it. 

The contrasting color theme was chosen for garbing attention and edging and separation, with a neutral color to provide a soothing effect to eyes.


It Was a competition by Government of India to design new coins for 10 rupees and 20 rupees denomination.

Aman Poster copy.jpg

This poster was made for the position of Infrastructure coordinator at National Institute of Design, 2017 student elections.

Few representatives are chosen from among-st the students and by the students and other non educational staff (security staff, cleaning staff, etc).

So the poster was made to generate a trustworthy feeling. Few psychological concepts were used like  small editing in making the face closer to the golden ratio (edited in photoshop), placement of the text and pictures in the poster and the color scheme.

Ziya Poster copy.jpg

This poster was made for the position of President at National Institute of Design, 2017 student election.

The poster was made to Grab attention as well as have an aggressive stance. The color scheme was chosen Blue, Red and Black (45%,40% and 15%). Fonts and shapes of the arts were chosen sharp and edgy for aggressive look.

Tshirt print.jpg

A t-shirt has to be designed for students of "Transportation & Automobile Designing" department. Since they have their entire masters program revolving around Automobile companies and their hard work hey put in for entire 2.5 years program to reach a certain benchmark. A t-shirt graphic was developed to reflect that.


Mobile covers designed according to the client's requirement. This started with a small session with the client to find out what design exactly is needed and then work is done accordingly.

supreme 4.jpg
Kalam Ji 3.jpg

A hand sketch was vectorized for 3D printing a coin prototype. Light and dark areas were reflected by depth and protrusion of the coin surface.

(Sketch courtesy-Mr. Aswin Suresh) 

Copy of Album Cover Template (1).jpg

A stall with souvenirs from college was put up on the last day of college for senior batch who were leaving the college for ever.The picture is of actual college sports ground and canteen area where among-st the best memories were made, deepest topics were discussed.

Grey Fashion Spring Sale Twitter
Virtual garments

Using Marvelous design software to design garments virtually and present them to the client for a better understanding of the fitting, fall of the fabric and appearance

Green White Modern Men's Fashion Faceboo
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