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One of the many application of recycled textile waste

Recycling Textile Waste

Research project in Saxion University of Applied Science, Enschede, the Netherlands
June 2018 - Feb2019

Video of Recurf UP


1- Cheap and environment-friendly.

2- Better Acoustic properties and thermal insulation properties than existing products in the market

3- Large field of view for the signs and hoardings made from this technique than compared to the conventional techniques

4- Very less consumption of energy (electricity and number of LED's used are only 5% of what have been required for a similar product made from conventional technique)


More detailed presentation
Techniucal Info Recurf Up

Circular Economy

A product that is fully biodegradable and can be returned to its original form, that's is raw material cotton/denim; after the use of the product is over. The use of biodegradable adhesive and textile waste as raw material, with the integration of lightings, the product made is completely new of its kind and holds its unique position in the market.

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