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Protective wear for COVID 19 made from garbage bag
Protective wear from Garbage bags, for COVID 19

A few days back when I went to the medical shop to buy a 3ply surgical mask, the chemist offered another cloth mask as all other masks were out of stock. I denied the suggestion with a feeling that "who'll buy such inefficient thing especially when it's a matter of life and death". Since then I have been living inside my house due to lockdown, but the police people who are out there, some of them are forced to use the same cloth masks because of unavailability of the right gear. That made me realise, that in time of crisis, anything is better than nothing.

Even now PP (Personal protective gears) are under heavy shortage, an idea was to make a protective jacket from the garbage bags, which literally can make the entire body airtight. I checked all the available plastic bags in my house and found those black colour garbage sleeves "Large" size, to be best suitable, because of its thickness of plastic and length of each bag. Sleeves and gloves were separately made and later attached by electric tape, which surprisingly proved to be an amazing adhesive. The purpose was solved of isolating the body from atmospheric air, but again that invited other problems like discomfort and heavy sweating. I hope, till the time we find a suitable alternative, this idea will be useful for many.

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