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Making a new collection of loungewear using old garments

Sustainability, Circular economy

With the agenda of “Never let fashion go to waste”, Garments for men & women in age group 35 to 40 were designed and were made using old/unused garments, by Recycling, Up-cycling, and Reusing.


In a few places, the entire face of the garment was changed, Example- Garment-1, Where a men’s formal shirt was transformed into female sleeveless loungewear.


In other cases, the Aesthetic & Functional value was played with y adding surface structures. Example-Laser Cutting was used in cutting pattern in Garment 4. Drawstrings were added in garment 3 & 4  at places to impart height adjustability and comfort respectively.

Dying and Printing were done in garment 4 & 3 respectively.


An effort was made to show how unwanted textiles can get a new life and be turned into something beautiful and fashionable.

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